Current Projects

In Production

INNOVARA, Inc. A 10 part series of short promotional spots for internet distribution and display at, using actors, green-screen, and graphics intercut to present the variety of training programs Innovara offers to its clients worldwide.

SOCIETY of ILLUSTRATORS, New York. 5-8 minute portrait of the 110 year old institution, showcasing its venerable history and current transformation into a vital player on New York City’s newest cultural scene. In partnership with Red Dory Productions, Dennis Powers Productions, Inc., with writer Robert Seidman and music by Steven Schoenberg. Director, Director of Photography, Editor.

Completed Projects

Arts & Culture

VIRGINIA LEE BURTON: A Sense of Place, 90, 60, 30 minute versions. Noted Caldecott Award-winning children’s book author, illustrator, and textile designer. Burton’s now classic books such as Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and The Little House were at the forefront of the development of the American Picture Book. The work of The Folly Cove Designers, the textile collective founded by Burton was distinguished as setting a new direction in American textile design. For national broadcast and post-broadcast distribution. Home (90 minute) DVD version available from New Video/Docurama. Classroom (30 minute) DVD version available from Weston Woods/Scholastic Press. In partnership with Red Dory Productions, Christine Lundberg, producer, with music by Steven Schoenberg. Filmmaker.

with producer and filmmaker on Virginia Lee Burton.

ERIC CARLE: Picture Writer, 27 minutes. Portrait of the acclaimed children’s book author-illustrator; for children, parents, and educators. Winner: The Carnegie Gold Medal for excellence in children’s programming. National Educational Film & Video Festival, Silver Apple. Excerpt shown on this site with permission from the Eric Carle Studio. DVD available for purchase from The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. Filmmaker.

EZRA JACK KEATS: The Art of People and Place, 14 minutes. The celebrated children’s book author and illustrator whose Caldecott Award-winning book, The Snowy Day, was a major force in bringing multiculturalism in text and images to mainstream American children’s book literature—Keats was the first American picture book maker to give the urban child a central place in children’s literature. Distributed by Weston Woods/Scholastic Press. In partnership with Red Dory Productions, with music by Steven Schoenberg. Filmmaker.

ILLUSTRATING AMERICA, From The Civil War To The Present. 11 minutes, Pilot program, From the illustrations of the Civil War to the Academy Award-winning film, The Incredibles, the work of American illustrators provides a unique lens through which we can see and understand our social and cultural past and present. Illustrators and their images have both shaped and reflected the way in which we see ourselves—who we are, what we believe and who we aspire to become. For national broadcast and post-broadcast distribution. In partnership with Red Dory Productions, Dennis Powers Productions, Inc., with writer Robert Seidman and music by Steven Schoenberg. Director, Director of Photography, Editor.

FLIGHTS INTO FANTASY: The Kendra & Allan Daniel Collection of Children’s Illustration, 50 minutes. Presentation of some of the most famous 19th and early 20th Century European and American illustrated art for children – including original works by Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen, Edmund Dulac, E. H. Shepard, Jesse Wilcox Smith, and Beatrix Potter, among many others. The collection features images of some of the most beloved characters in the genre – Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Babar, Madeline, Alice in Wonderland, from The Wizard of Oz and The Wind In The Willows and many more, as well as faerie art from the mid to late 19th and early 20th centuries. Filmed as exhibited at the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, PA and at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, MA, with commentary provided by the collectors, the museums’ directors and other experts in the fields of illustration art and literature for children. Filmmaker.

THE GARIBALDI PANORAMA, 30 minutes. The art and history of a 5 ft. high, 600ft. long (!) 1860’s panorama painting of Giuseppe Garibaldi’s life and heroics. Director of Photography, Editor.

BUILDING THE DREAM, 30 minutes. The philosophy, planning and construction of The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, MA—the only one in the United States dedicated to the art of the Picture Book. Steven Schoenberg, music. Filmmaker.

PATRICIA POLACCO-Dream Keeper, 30 minutes. The acclaimed chilren’s book author-illustrator, for children, parents, and educators. Distributed by Philomel Books. Filmmaker.

LOUISE NEVELSON: Geometry+Magic, 30 minutes. A collage-based, visual immersion in the physical and metaphysical world of the sculptor, with her own commentary on her art, environs, philosophy and life. An experimental presentation that she cherished as the “film-equivalent” of her abstract sculpture environments. Independent production with Iron Crystal Films, New York. Screened at the Whitney Museum and Cooper Union, New York. Cinematographer, Editor.

ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS series: LOOK TO THIS DAY. 60 second television pieces combining philosophical and poetic texts with images and music. Filmmaker.


THE DISCOVERY OF VIAGRA. 11 minutes. VIAGRA Video News Release, 3 minutes. New drug product announcement project for Pfizer, detailing the science behind the discovery, development, and release of the breakthrough drug, Viagra. Filmed in Sandwich, England and the USA. Winner: Telly Award; Chicago Film Festival, Gold Medal; New York Film Festival Award. Director of photography.

GUARDIAN, 10 minutes. Motivation program for Guardian Insurance, New York. Director of photography.

FUND FOR THE 21st CENTURY, 18 minutes. Portrait of The Boys’ Club of New York, in support of their $50 million capital campaign. Director of photography, editor.

NEW YORK EYE & EAR INSTITUTE IN-SERVICE PROGRAM, 28 minutes. Corporate communications program. Director of photography, editor.

COMPAQ & DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION series, for “Business to Business” applications (selected titles: for a more complete list, see “Clients” page): ANSWERS IN THE OCEAN, 13 minutes. 3 case studies on the cutting-edge use of DEC computers in oceanography: Texaco’s oil exploration beneath the Gulf of Mexico, satellite studies of global ocean currents by U. of Miami, and pollution research by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. DIGITAL INDIA UNLIMITED, 15 minutes. 3 case studies of DEC’s computer applications in India: All India Railway, Bajaj Industries, and The Navashiva Port Trust, Bombay. A WINNING VISION, 9 minutes. DEC’s computer networking of betting and banking at The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong, China. Music by Steven Schoenberg. Cinematographer, Editor. COMPAQ-MICROSOFT EXCHANGE 2000/REDMOND, WA; COMPAQ-MICROSOFT EXCHANGE/LOCKHEED-MARTIN; COMPAQ SEQUEL SERVER; COMPAQ-MICROSOFT EXCHANGE/MAIL & MESSAGING SYSTEMS — 30 minutes each. Major corporate computer network systems applications. Director of Photography, Editor. DECWorld ‘92: THE GLOBAL IMAGE PROJECTOR: Twin laser disc programs projected into a 9 monitor video wall & trapezoidal mirror installation for Digital/Cray High Performance Computing at DECWorld’92, Boston. Exhibit ran continuously for three weeks, with images of cutting-edge technology delivered into a structure 9’ wide by 8’ high, generating a virtual image globe 25’ in diameter. Concept, Set Design & Construction, Content Producer, Director, Editor.

Education & Development

WELLSPRING HOUSE: Hope Made Real, 8 minutes. Development portrait of the Gloucester MA organization, in celebration of its 30th anniversary, showcasing the housing support, job training, and education efforts provided to area people with low income, immigrants, and families in need. In partnership with Red Dory Productions, with music by Steven Schoenberg. Filmmaker.

EAGLEBROOK SCHOOL series: EAGLEBROOK SCHOOL, 14 minutes. Admissions and development program for the junior boarding school for boys in Deerfield MA. EAGLEBROOK 75TH, 25 minutes. Celebrating its 75th anniversary, for alumni, development, and admissions. EAGLEBROOK, 16 minutes. Educational portrait for enrollment. EAGLEBROOK SUMMER SEMESTER, 12 minutes. Admissions program. Filmmaker.

GREENFIELD COMMUNITY COLLEGE, 14 minutes. Institutional portrait for GCC’s annual foundation campaign and student enrollment. Filmmaker.

HISTORIC DEERFIELD MUSEUM, 11 minutes. Development program for the living museum in Deerfield MA. Filmmaker.

THE MASTERS SCHOOL series: THE MASTERS SCHOOL, 9 minutes. Portrait of the school for Admissions. THE MASTERS ADVANTAGE, 9 minutes. Portrait of the Dobbs Ferry NY school for its Office of Development. Director of Photography, Editor.

HOOSAC SCHOOL, 14 minutes. Portrait of Hoosac School, Hoosick Falls NY, for admissions and development. Filmed over a 1 year period to reveal life at the school in all seasons. Filmmaker.

THE LEARNING JOURNEY, 17 minutes. The educational approach to teaching kindergarten in the Amherst, MA public school system. Produced with support from The Massachusetts Department of Education. Filmmaker.

LINDEN HILL SCHOOL, 12 minutes. Portrait of the school in Northfield MA, which specializes in teaching students with dyslexia and other learning differences, for admissions and development use. Filmmaker.

BERKELEY COLLEGE series: Celebrating 75 Years…The Berkeley Way, 22 minutes. Celebrating the 75th anniversary of Berkeley College, New York NY. THE REAL WORLD, 15 minutes. How Berkeley College prepares its students for—and places its graduates in—jobs in the real world. Director of Photography, Editor.

THE BOYS’ CLUB OF NEW YORK series: CROSSROADS ITALY, One hour. CUBA CHRONICLE, 68 minutes. BEIJING DIARY, 44 minutes. The Boys’ Club of New York Academic All-Stars Basketball team good-will basketball tours of Italy, Cuba and China. FRIENDS FOR LIFE, 24 minutes. BCNY alumni, late in their lives, looking back on the vital role played by the club though out their lives. Winner: Aurora Award Gold Medals, Telly Awards, Summit Awards. Director of Photography, editor.

BOYS HOPE GIRLS HOPE/New York: Development program on behalf of the organization’s unique approach to educating inner city youth through high school and into college placement. BHGH/NY offers a boarding program for adolescent boys and girls, in partnership with Catholic Church parochial high schools which also have associated boarding facilities in former monasteries and nunneries. Director of Photography, Editor.

STRAIGHT TALK, with Roland Abner, 26 minutes. Deeply heart-felt remarks by a recovered alcoholic / heroin addict on the realities and the dangers of addiction. Produced through the good offices of Tapestry Health Services, Northampton MA and WGBY-PBS/Springfield, MA. Filmmaker.


SUSTAINABLE LIVES, ATTAINABLE DREAMS, 29 minutes. World population, US resource consumption, the environment, family planning programs around the world, and our collective responsibility to the future. Filmed on location in Mexico, Indonesia, and Kenya for The National Wildlife Federation. Distributed to its 5+ million members. Screened at The International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), Cairo, Egypt in 1994. With music by Steven Schoenberg. Filmmaker.

WELCOME TO FRANKLIN COUNTY, 8 minutes. Celebrating the four seasons of our beautiful, local New England area – for the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce and the Massachusetts Department of Tourism. Filmmaker, with music by area musicians.

COLORADO LANDSCAPES, One (PBS) hour. The State of Colorado, blending aerial and ground-based images of wilderness, mountains, towns. Broadcast by KRMA/Channel 6 (PBS-Denver) for several years as their most effective annual, primetime fund-raising film. Executive Producer, Director of Photography.

TAPESRTY VIDEO “PORTRAIT OF” series: PORTRAIT OF IRELAND, One hour. Images of Ireland, with music. PORTRAIT OF AFRICA, 1988. One hour. Images of Kenya and Tanzania, with music. Distributed by Tapestry Video and BMG. Cinematographer.

WILDERNESS: A Country In The Mind, 25 minutes. American wilderness in relation to the agenda of The Wilderness Society—used to educate its membership and others. Cine Golden Eagle Award. Cinematographer.

THE WORLD POPULATION FILM/VIDEO FESTIVAL. US and international high school and college students created and entered programs examining the most critical issues of our time: population, consumption, environment, and sustainability. Received more than one thousand entries from all over the world. Annual “Best of Festival” programs distributed by Searchlight Films, upon request, to schools, colleges and libraries worldwide. In partnership with The Sopris Foundation. Concept, Producer, Director, Editor.

FACT-ACT, 30 and 60 second PSA’s for American television as a part of a nationwide public awareness campaign concerning the connection between world population growth, environmental quality and our children’s future. Produced in cooperation with Populations Communications International, New York, The United Nations and 14 major environmental organizations—especially Zero Population Growth, Washington, D.C., whose 7-minute animated film “World Population,” showing human population increases over the last 2 thousand years, provided the visual basis for each PSA. Distributed and shown on television nationwide, in collaboration with Sierra Club volunteers, resulting in over one hundred thousand calls to 1-800-FACT-ACT requesting more information. Concept, Producer, Director, Editor.

OUTWARD BOUND/Minesota series. Various lengths. Training and canoeing expeditions in the Quetico-Superior lakes region of Minnesota and Ontario, and north toward the Hudson Bay. Sound and Still Photography.


THE NEW-YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY…Because History Matters, 11 minutes. The role of the N-YHS in preserving and sharing vital documents from the early history of the republic to the present, and its education outreach programs across the city, the nation, and the world. Premiered via high definition projection at a N-YHS black-tie benefit dinner for 1000 people in the nave of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, November, 2007. Winner: Cine Golden Eagle Award. Director of photography (HD), Editor.

CREATING WOMEN’S HISTORY, 20 minutes. The Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College—one of the most comprehensive women’s history archives in the United States, housing the papers of Clara Barton, Margaret Sanger, and Gloria Steinem, among others. Director of Photography, Editor.

VOLTAIRE & JEFFERSON: The Sage of Ferney and The Man From Monticello, 25 minutes. The parallel philosophies of these two 18th century giants, tracing Voltaire’s influence on Jefferson. Broadcast on WNET (PBS), New York. Winner: New York Film Festival, Aurora Awards, The Catalyst Awards. Director of Photography, Editor.

DOING TIME, GETTING FREE. Working through the good offices of Richard Gere’s Healing the Divide Foundation, we explore the transformational role that meditation and mindfulness training can play in the lives of convicts and ex-prisoners, who, in September 2003, met with His Holiness The Dalai Lama in New York City. In partnership with Green Mountain Post Films and Lemle Productions. Director, Director of Photography.

ROOT HOG OR DIE, One (PBS) hour. New England farming culture and character. Independently produced, with WGBY (PBS), Springfield, MA, Greenfield Community College Foundation, Greenfield, MA and The National Endowment For The Arts, Washington, D.C. Winner, The New England Film Festival; New England Emmy Award; Houston Film Festival; Chicago Film Festival; New York Film Festival, Bronze Award; American Film Festival, Bronze Award. Filmmaker.

TWICE UPON A CARAVAN, 53 minutes. 1932-33 solo around-the-world motorcycle trip filmed by my father, Robert E. Fulton, Jr. Original 35mm footage taken by him at age 23 has been edited with his reflections about the trip from his perspective as an older man. A unique & rare look at countries, landscapes, monuments and civilizations that no longer exist. It also serves as primary source material for anthropological, cultural and history studies. Music by Steven Schoenberg. Distributed by Whitehorse Press. Winner: Telluride Indie Festival. Producer, Editor.

SURVIVORS OF THE HOLOCAUST. Interviews with Nazi Holocaust survivors for the historic records project of Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation. Videographer, Interviewer.

TALKING TO THE WALL, 60 minutes. Big box stores such as Walmart, urban sprawl and the destruction of small town America. Winner: John Michaels Memorial Award, Big Muddy Film Festival; Vision Award, RiverRun International Film Festival; Independent Documentary Rosa Luxemburg Award, New England Film & Video Festival. Director of Photography.

NIGERIA. Filming expedition throughout Nigeria for the David Sawyer Agency, New York—material used to create television commercials supporting the political re-election campaign of then Nigerian President Shehu Shagari. (He won re-election, but was soon thereafter ousted in a bloodless military coup.) Cinematographer.

ONE MAN CARAVAN, 3 part series, 30 minutes each. The life, travels and inventions of my father, Robert E. Fulton, Jr., who in 1932 rode a Douglas motorcycle around the world, then invented the Gunairstructor (the first-ever fighter pilot fixed aerial gunnery trainer), the Airphibian (the first flying car ever approved as airworthy by the FAA, now in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum) and Skyhook (an air-rescue system to pick up a man with an airplane in flight). Independently produced with Antenne 2, France. Broadcast in France and French territories worldwide. Also available in english. Director, Cinematographer, Editor.

THE SHADOW OF ANOTHER MAN series, 5 minutes each. A series of short films re. Pre-Columbian and Native American cultures, portraying art in the context of its original environment and the traditional peoples who created it – when possible. Commissioned by The Metropolitan Museum of Art for installation in the Michael C. Rockefeller Primitive Art Wing. Screened at The Margaret Mead Film Festival, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Natural History, Columbia University and Harvard University. Filmmaker.

SUN RIVER, 25 minutes. Personal diary/documentary of life in a rural, tribal village in India, filmed during two years on location with the Peace Corps in 1969-70. Used by The Peace Corps in training subsequent India volunteers. Winner: The New England Film Festival; Connecticut Film Festival, 1st Prize. Filmmaker.

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